David Beckham Coming To Indonesia

David Beckham fans in Indonesia prepare to welcome the good news. Midfielder who moncer Manachester United with the club is going to come to Indonesia in November.

The arrival of Beckham is currently clad LA Galaxy that was certainly not alone. He will visit Indonesia with all members of the club LA Galaxy to Jakarta. Regarding the schedule of arrival must still be concealed, only the husband of Victoria Beckham will be in Indonesia at least four days.

Well, the LA Galaxy is also scheduled to carry out trials against the Indonesian national team on 30 November. After that, he will be in Indonesia to carry out other activities of about two to four days of activities titled daalam LA Galaxy Herbalife Asia Pacific 2011.

“Schedule of LA Galaxy and Beckham here one of them is to compete with the national team. After the game, he will be in Jakarta about four days,” said Hasani Abdulgani, chairman of the Event Organizer to bring Beckham.

Schedules during the LA Galaxy and Beckham in Indonesia itself not only to carry out peratndingan with the national team. They serve juag entitled fan meet and greet and conduct coaching clinic with some kids who will be selected by the EO.

Looking at previous experiences, Hasani promising Beckham would come to their homeland. Because, in a contract clause saying if the LA Galaxy Beckham could bring fiber, then the event is canceled.

“LA Galaxy’s David Beckham is known for playing there. If Beckham does not exist, so this tour will be canceled. Initi this contract agreement,” he said.

According to Hasani, the effort to bring Beckham to Indonesia this sduah filed since five years ago. Only, this year’s new proposal responded because football Indonesia began to be known by the world.

Unfortunately, the plan is to bring together EO between the LA Galaxy in a match with the national team trials likely it is unlikely. Section, Deputy Secretary General of PSSI Tondo Widodo would imply menggati national team with players from Indonesia Premier League (IPL) IPL Selection by name.

Only, when asked further why not against the national team, Tondo reluctant to give an answer. “They will not play with the national team. They will be lawankan with players from IPL Selection,” he said.


3 responses


    I like you forever….
    you are my favorit in england foot ball…..

    18 November 2011 pukul 1:40 AM

  2. marlini alin

    welcome to indonesia david beckam…
    you are my favorit in england foot ball…
    I like you forever…

    18 November 2011 pukul 1:41 AM

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